The tantric massage according to La Belle Otero

Allow your body some rest, let stress escape your body and recover your openness. Discover the tantric massage, have your head in the clouds and just let go.

Tantric massage - La Belle Otero

The tantric massage according to La Belle Otero

The tantric massage is visual, sensual, sensory and above all irresistible. She consists in long movements between the different parts of the body and touching of the 7 chakras.

The idea is to give your body some shivers and vibrations and to bring you in a state of mind where all thinking disappears. Enjoy this unique moment of sharing and letting go.

The tantric massage is executed fully naked and your whole body is touched, the erogenous zones of both partners can be touched in mutual respect. The massage is given with warm oil on a futon, in a nice atmosphere by candlelight with appropriate music run in the background.

Tantra trusts your body. Tantra trusts your senses. Tantra trusts your energy. Tantra trusts you – totally. Tantra does not deny anything, but it transforms everything.

Osho, This Very Body the Buddha, Vol. 1, Talk #8

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